All of Us are Dead in Hindi

Are you looking for all of us are dead in hindi? If yes then you have come to the right place as we have provided you with this drama series.

The last ten years have been totally staggering for zombie portrayal. Surprisingly, All of Us Are Dead, a straightforward ploy helps Netflix’s popular K-Drama import about a zombie outbreak in a Korean high school: It’s not so awful.

The 12 episodes follow a gathering of secondary school understudies in Hyosan as they battle to make due in a city overpowered by zombies.

Before we move on to brief you all on the story, let’s first jump into the episodes of this Series:-

All of Us Are Dead [Korean Drama] in Hindi Dubbed – All Episodes

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Brief Background of the story of all of us are dead in hindi

It’s a vicious, severe story where the cohorts of Hyosan Secondary School’s Classes 2-5 gradually watch their companions and educators turn huge and do terrible things to each other. Its enormous cast permits it to zero in on what, explicitly, is lost in such a fiasco, and what merits saving. All of us Are Dead starts off its zombie end times in a genuinely normal design. Understudy Kim Hyeon-Ju (Jung Yi-SEO) finds a mouse in the science lab that was probed by strange and distant science educator Lee Byeong-chan (Kim Byung-Chul).

All of us Are Dead takes as much time as necessary to uncover the particulars of how its zombie infection functions, yet it makes its interpretation of the illustration clear right off the bat: It happens when the will to endure isn’t tempered by humankind and the regular endpoint of easygoing brutality on each level — from school menaces to relentless administrators in government.

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