Best Ductless Kitchen Chimney in India (2023)

best ductless kitchen chimney
Best Ductless Kitchen Chimney

In this advanced age, we as a customer need the best out of everything. An advanced kitchen won’t be finished without introducing a kitchen chimney. They are practical and will improve the look and feel of the kitchen. Introducing a chimney is a significant move in kitchen design, as it will keep your kitchen clean.

These ductless chimneys are great for fair-sized present-day kitchens as they look very rich, have a high pull limit, and are generally wall-mounted. It fills your need for a spotless and sound kitchen and gives a modern look to your kitchen.

Not at all like ducted versions, ductless chimneys eliminate exhaust, air-borne lubes, and scents by filtering them. Ductless chimneys are less expensive and are a lot simpler to set. Commotion is significantly less in the ductless chimneys which give calm cooking.

We realize that you all are here looking for Ductless Kitchen Chimney. Furthermore, you will not be baffled in your hunt since this article brings a veritable audit. In this article, we have explored the best 4 ductless chimneys with auto clean elements.

After studying the surveys of the accompanying ductless kitchen chimneys, remember to study the purchasing guide afterward.

Table of the best ductless kitchen chimneys in India 2023

Sold More then 11,320 times! Sold More then 11,320 times! Hindware Nadia Filterless Kitchen Chimney
  • OIL COLLECTOR: Stainless steel oil collector.
  • CONTROL TYPE: User-friendly 3 speed Touch.
  • MOTION SENSORS: Enables easy operation.
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Advanced Features Advanced Features Faber box-type Kitchen Chimney
  • FILTER TYPE:Baffle Filter
  • CONTROL TYPE: Touch control.
  • WARRANTY : 1 year on product, 10 on motor
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Over-all the best! Over-all the best! Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology
  • FILTER TYPE: Round filter mesh, easy cleaning
  • CONTROL TYPE: Touch Control.
  • TORNADIC SUCTION: Quietest yet powerful.
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The conclusion cycle was difficult to be precise. We investigated a bunch of 65 ductless chimneys from different high-level brands for over 45 days. To put it plainly, you can trust this rundown assuming you’re searching for one in the Indian Market.

Best ductless kitchen chimneys in India 2023

1. Hindware Nadia Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney With Motion Sensor & Touch Control

The superb plan of this chimney will dignify any kitchen. It has 3-speed levels so you can pick the level according to your necessity. The auto-clean element allows the client to clean the oil vapor with a solo press of a button, and the connected oil collector is made of treated steel that makes it simple to clean and keep up with the chimney.

It is highlighted with L.E.D light that will enlighten a huge kitchen region while you’re cooking. Utilize the motion control service and work with it simply by waving your hand. This ductless chimney is including a plume contact control board that isn’t simply stunning yet additionally simple to operate.

It accompanies two color choices – dark and silver-dim. The auto-clean component helps in keeping the chimney clean. Accessible in two size variations, 60cm, and 90cm, it accompanies 1 year on the item and 5 years on the engine.


  • Energy effective L.E.D lights.
  • Tempered steel oil gatherer that can be handily cleaned.
  • Higher suction limit


  • Truly, we went able to track down any cons. This chimney is great for a huge family where barbecuing and fricasseeing are done day by day.

2. Faber box-type Kitchen Chimney

Fusing a strong plan, This wall-mounted chimney is in small size, with a bent glass connected behind the board and cross-section that looks outstanding. It is reasonable for Indian kitchens with 3-5 burners. Discussing plan, it has a steel and glass body finish that will improve the tasteful look of your kitchen without a doubt.

The baffle filters add one more motivation to like this item. This wall mount unit has 3-way suction power that successfully catches steams, oil and even eliminates food smells to keep your kitchen clean. Treated steel permits a simple cleaning of the filters. The commotion level of the chimney is a thing to stress on as it is 48 db.

Faber box-type chimney accompanies a year after service guarantee and 12 years guarantee on the engine. This ductless chimney has smooth edges to help reduce coincidental cuts and scratches. The baffle filter innovation makes it simpler to clean and keep up with the chimney. It has a touch control to employ every one of the features.


  • Strong pull with low sound.
  • Polished and ergonomically made.
  • 1 year guarantee on item and long term guarantee on engine.
  • control type: press button; speed: 2 speed ; board material: dark safety glass.


  • Installation charges are discrete.
  • This filterless chimney is appropriate for current kitchens, leaning toward Indian cooking with weighty frying.

3. Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology

This chimney is the eventual fate of a peaceful kitchen. We know kitchen chimneys make a ton of commotion however breaking every one of the conceptions, Elica-SPOT H4 accompanies the EDS3 innovation which offers sound reduction without any issue. This Elica Profound Quiet Chimney with EDS3 Innovation is developed out of sturdy treated steel and accompanies the most recent filterless innovation.

It accompanies a free installation pack cutting additional charges needed for its establishment in your kitchen. Oil and its buildup won’t be an issue, as this chimney accompanies an oil gatherer to amass the oil in it. The implicit L.E.D lights guarantee a clear vision of the food while you’re cooking. Elica ductless chimney has a solid pull ability to ingest the oil vapor and smoke from the kitchen and keep the kitchen liberated from smoke, keeping the kitchen crisp smelling.

It utilizes a high-level hotness auto clean innovation that empowers the client to clean the chimney with simply a press of a button. One of the benefits of this item is it has a 1-year guarantee on the item and 12 years of guarantee on the engine which permits give long-term help from the chimney company. Every one of the services can be used by touch control. The item is a decent incentive for cash.


  • Touch control boards – no concerns for chaotic buttons.
  • L.E.D lights for a superior perspective on the broiler.
  • One of the most incredible Sound control.
  • This chimney is ideal for a fair sized metropolitan kitchen with 7-8 relatives and moderate to high barbecuing and browning exercises.


  • You need to pay independently for Installatin.

Ducted versus Ductless Kitchen Chimney – Purchasing Guide

The ducted chimney is associated with pipes that empower the airborne particles to drive away from the kitchen. And on the other hand, adaptability is the critical element of ductless kitchen chimneys as it very well may be installed in kitchens with less space. Though in kitchen chimneys with pipes and lines, the usefulness is in every case rock solid which is reasonable for little or big kitchens.

A ductless chimney does not bother with any ventilation work. It very well may be installed in any place you need. Rather than sending the exhaust outside the kitchen, ductless chimneys recycle and deliver them back into the kitchen. Ductless kitchen chimneys accompany an enormous value range, they have chimneys at all spaces permitting shoppers to pick what they need.

Following are a few critical distinctions among Ducted and Ductless Chimneys in India:

Pull Limit

The right limit relies upon the recurrence and sort of food you’re preparing. If you cook a ton and that includes weighty broiling, go for the model with higher suction power. Execution savvy ductless kitchen chimneys are generally reasonable for medium to little kitchens as a medium to weighty performance is expected from them.

Sound Levels

Chimneys produce a colossal measure of fuss, however, taking into account that kitchen chimneys can’t be quiet, ductless kitchen chimneys produce less clamor than ducted kitchen chimneys. Since ductless chimneys have strong engines joined with suction work, you can hear the sound while it is running.

Heat Disposal and Lighting Elements

LED lights are energy-effective and convey splendid light. So go for a kitchen chimney with in-built LEDs. Assuming you stay close to the seaside regions or where the temperature is in every case high, then ductless chimneys are not prompted as in ductless chimneys heat stays on the kitchen surface. While, Chimneys with duct systems are effective in eliminating smoke, soil, heat, & scent from the kitchen surface.

Ductless Kitchen Chimney: Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best ductless chimney in India?

After all the examination and taking into account every one of the reports, we have resolved that the Elica Profound Quiet Chimney with EDS3 Innovation is the best ductless chimney in the market field of India. It has an extraordinary Suction capability, alongside motion sensor and touch control.

Which chimney is awesome: ductless or ducted?

In case, you have limited space and have average cooking, go for the ductless chimneys. However, On the off chance that you cook more frequently and need a strong air clear out, then ducted kitchen chimneys will be your mate in your cooking journey.

Conclusion About Ductless Kitchen Cimneys

You ought to have a short thought at this point which is the best ductless kitchen chimney in India available in your budget on the lookout. Before investing, you must be clear enough with regards to the size of the kitchen, how long the chimney will be utilized, cleaning efforts, design,& more. If you have gone through the entire blog post, I expect you to pick the right and best ductless chimney for your kitchen. Happy Cooking!

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