Best Gas Geyser in India (2023): Best Deals With Step-By-Step Guide

Gas Geyser in India

In case you are to buy the Top & Best Gas Geyser in India (2023) to conquer this colder time of year, you are at an excellent spot.

In this article, I will direct you to the best gas geyser in India.

Assuming you need a container of boiling water inside a couple of moments without making the slightest effort, a geyser is an ideal arrangement.

Regardless of under which climatic condition you live, geysers (gas or electric) have turned into an inescapable piece of each home.

Geyser limit, shading, and support are some vital requirements of the apparatus that figure out which one to go for. This post likewise contains a Buyer’s aide and a FAQ segment at the base to determine your overall inquiries concerning gas Geysers.

Table Of 4 Best Gas Geyser in India

Every one of these is the most energy-productive model, furthermore accessible, and with the best values. So pick the one as indicated by your decision and inclination.

  • Outer Body Material:Powder Coated, Anti-corrosive Steel
  • Included in the Box: Warranty Card, User Manual, Mounting Accesories
  • Capacity:6 Litres
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BEst In HEating BEst In HEating V-Guard Brio 6 Litre Gas Water Geyser
  • FREE ACCESSORY KIT:Mounting Screws, Gas inlet faucet(with rubber washer), Rawl plugs, Expansion bolts, Hose clamp
  • TECHNOLOGY USED:Heat Exchanger Technology, Water Controlled Automatic Ignition; SAFETY FEATURES: Adjustable Gas and Water Flow Control, Summer & Winter Modes, which helps in saving energy and cutting costs,
  • WARRANTY:2 Year on Product
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Free Installation is provided by the Brand! Free Installation is provided by the Brand! Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 Ltr Vertical Water Geyser
  • Warranty:2 years on Product
  • Multiple safety options:Child lock, anti-freeze device, flame-failure device are incorporated
  • Maximum Hot Water Temperature:85 degree Celcius (at thermostat operation)
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BEst All-Rounder BEst All-Rounder Hindware Atlantic Ezro 25 Litre Storage Geyser
  • Warranty:7 Years on Tank, 2 Years on Heating Element and 2 Years on Product
  • Pressure:Class-1 Working Pressure built to withstand the high pressure of 8 bars making it perfect for multi-story buildings
  • Safety:Immersed Thermostat measure accurate temperature of hot water and instant cut off at set temperature. Safety Valve release the pressure incase of high pressure build up inside the tank
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Details On the Best Gas Geyser in India (2023)

With regards to electrical apparatuses, we ought to consistently have the top models in our ownership. Not because they would be adorned well for your washroom stylistic theme, but because great items give the best administrations.

Here you get the point-by-point audit of every one of our best-picked models:


This extraordinary gas geyser can hold 6 liters of water at a time and can warm it to its most extreme limit.

surya roshni Gas Geyser in India

Surya Roshni gas geyser is India’s first gas geyser with Gen 4 innovation and accompanies different amazing provisions like yield fire sensors and overheat assurance gadgets.

The flexible control handle is additionally there to change the gas level and temperature appropriately. With an auto-clock included, this gas geyser can turn off consequently following 20 minutes saves a great deal of power simultaneously.

Moreover, The Surya Roshni Gas Geyser with Heavy Copper Tank is outfitted with different components that will make your bathing experience more agreeable. Now, we should see;


  • Warranty – 1 year.
  • In-built oxygen sensor
  • Price –  ₹ 4,550
  • Country of Origin – India

2. V-Guard Brio 6 Litre Gas Water Heater (Geyser)

Firstly, this gas geyser is furnished with a handle that can direct the temperature according to the two significant seasons in India.

V-Guard brio Gas Geyser in India

Secondly, fancy your heated water shower in the cold weather for a very long time with the V-Guard Brio gas geyser. Its intelligent design and smaller body make it probably the best ga geysers for home.

Because of its thin and minimized form, this geyser can be helpfully mounted in your kitchen or washroom. Moreover, it is a perfect geyser for meeting the hot water necessities of a little to medium-sized family.

This gas geyser has an arrangement for an automated start. It likewise accompanies a twofold solenoid valve for extra insurance. Further, he evaluated the water tension of this gas water geyser framework as 0.008-8 kg for every square cm.


  • Price –  ₹ 5,660
  • Manufacturer – ‎ V-Guard Industries LTD.
  • Country of Origin – India
  • It has a 2 years warranty from the date of purchase.

3. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 Ltr Vertical Water Geyser

bajaj majesty Gas Geyser in India

Firstly, this gas water warmer is among the best 4 gas geysers in India and for all the positive reasons. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas geyser Storage limit is 6 Liter water. The Gas Geyser Heater is a rating of 5-star items according to the most recent rules of the BEE.

Moreover, the copper heat exchanger present in the geyser is perhaps the best acting in the market that guarantees dry hotness coverage, warm productivity, and improved accomplishment.

When the colder time of the year strikes, you won’t stress over bathing, particularly at the beginning of the day and evening when the temperature is very low.

Furthermore, The security highlights incorporate an auto 20 minutes clock and fire distress protection. Let us presently examine its capacities, benefits, and inconveniences beneath.


  • Price –  ₹ 5,499
  • Automatic 20 minutes off timer
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Advanced Combustion Technology for Best Thermal Efficiency

4.Hindware Atlantic Ezro 25 Litre Storage Geyser

Hindware Atlantic is perhaps the best geyser that works on LPG and PNG both. Firstly, its good and rich look adds an incredible style to your bathroom. Moreover, the material used to make this gas geyser is Stainless steel. The element that makes it the best gas geyser is that it is furnished with a child security lock.

hindware atlantic Gas Geyser in India

Secondly, this Gas Geyser is given the Superior safety option Hi-Tech Design. Therefore, Hindware Atlantic Plus 6 geyser water radiator item guarantee is 2 Years.

Thirdly, With this gas geyser, you would now be able to appreciate instant warming alongside the protection from overheating. The profoundly qualified gas geyser is of the best 4 gas geysers in India in 2021 because it is the most secure model to utilize.


  • Price –  ₹ 6,349
  • Hi-Tech Design
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Warranty – 2 years

Buying Guide For the Best Gas Gayser in India

Before Going any further, please consider the following chart about gas geysers. Its an overview of the needs which MUST be considered before buying a gas geyser in India:

buying guide for the best Gas Geyser in India

Power consumption & Warranty

Check if the gas geyser doesn’t devour an excessive amount of fuel. Thusly, you will have the assurance that it is productive and will set aside your cash over the long haul.

One more fundamental factor to consider is the item guarantee. While the vast majority of the gas geyser accompanies a guaranteed time of a year, many proposition year and a half of guarantee.

Brand & Space for installation

Guarantee that the brand is trustworthy enough so you won’t encounter any unfortunate circumstances when you purchase the geyser. Search for its fair norms and security endorsements that guarantee an amazing brand with dependable items. Gas geysers need a bigger space to fit in as it requires an appropriately ventilated region to transmit the gases.

On the off chance that you don’t have the open space for the installation of gas geysers, then you should go for an electric geyser, all things considered.

User-friendly & Service Quality

At the point when we take a glance at an item, we positively overview the nature of their client services. We confirm that the Assistance is reached out by the client support of the company every once in a while. The gas geyser must be installed and tested so you won’t have any issues while utilizing it in the future.

Most Asked Questions About the best gas geyser in India 2023

question about the best Gas Geyser in India

Which geyser is best for home in India?

The brands that deal best gas geysers in India are Surya Roshni, V-Guard, Bajaj, Hindware, and so on. Be that as it may, every one of the items referenced in our rundown is Safe to be introduced in your homes.

Yes, It is legal in India to use a gas geyser in your home. Gas geysers enjoy numerous upper hands over the electric geysers however on the off chance that it’s not Installed as expected, it very well might be a hazardous appliance. It should be Installed in an open region, never inside the washroom as it might prompt carbon monoxide in the area.

Is 10 Litre geyser enough for bathroom?

It depends on how much you want to utilize water in your bathroom. Also, if you have a bigger family then you might as well have a huge water demand. That’s why you should consider the buying guide before purchasing any gas geyser in India.

Final Facts About the gas geyser in India

Gas geysers in Indian families are seen more like luxury materials. When it comes to a gas geyser that is budget-friendly, SURYA ROSHNI  and V-Guard Brio are an ideal pick for you. In case you are remaining at high height regions where low pressure is the most widely recognized event, go for Bajaj Majesty Duetto and Hindware Atlantic Ezro.

Utilizing a gas geyser isn’t just a cheap option yet it additionally gives greater ability to store and warm water. It is simpler to keep up with and dodges the difficulty and dangers of warming water with cooking gas or electric rod. The different ones additionally have some particular and remarkable components. So get your best pick from the above-recorded gas geyser in India!