Best Lover (Season 1) Hindi Dubbed Chinese Drama
NameBest lover
GenreChinese, Romance, Comedy
DirectorYoo Cheol Yong
WriterKang Xiulian
Total Episodes16


In this heartwarming story, we follow the journey of two top entertainers who find themselves caught in a fake marriage. As they struggle to protect the facade they have created, they begin to unravel the layers of their true selves and their vulnerabilities. With mutual influence, they develop a deep tenderness for each other, ultimately leading to a beautiful love story.

What makes this story unique is the reversal of traditional gender roles in the entertainment industry, where the male lead, Yan Xi Cheng, rises from humble beginnings and becomes a successful actor. He remains grounded and true to his values, even amidst the fame and fortune that come with his success. Meanwhile, the female lead, Ye Huan Ying, may seem arrogant and domineering as a top actress, but her past reveals the pain of a loveless childhood and her current struggle against family conspiracies.

As the two leads navigate their fake marriage, they are forced to confront their innermost selves and come to terms with their true feelings. Through this process, they discover the sincerity and their real selves in the entertainment circle, and in doing so, they also discover a beautiful romance. This story is a refreshing take on the traditional romance genre, offering a deeper exploration of the complexities of human relationships, as well as shedding light on the realities of the entertainment industry. You should read about other Chinese dramas which we have talked about: Mirror: A Tale Of Twin Cities, Chasing Ball, Love is Sweet, and more.

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