Best Solar Water Heater In India (2023): Review & Best Deal

The water heated inside a solar water heater in India can be utilized for a variety of purposes, like bathing, cooking, and cleaning. A vast amount of people, however, will in general, be disappointed by the significant expense of buying and installing a solar water heater.

Best Solar Water Heater in Indiaon roof

Be that as it may, in the long road, it brings about incredible savings. Additionally, they can turn out completely great for quite a while, without requiring any substitution.

Moreover, solar-controlled water heaters are your response as they give warmed water by utilizing the sun. Therefore, these heaters sit on a surface that gets a lot of daylight, and India being a tropical nation, has a splendid sun (Suryadeva!).

In the following segment, you will find a definite outline on purchasing your absolute first solar water heater. Regardless of whether it’s a far-reaching manual for what to consider or a point-by-point audit of the best water heaters, you’ll find everything on this page.

Assuming you wish to deeply study solar water heaters more, you are at the perfect spot.

Table of 3 Best Solar Water Heater In India 2023

Right now, the Solar Water Heater referenced on this page are the best solar water heaters in India which is likewise probably the least expensive item with extraordinary functionalities. Alongside their high limit, they are very compelling in heating the water rapidly.

Most Famous & Used In India Most Famous & Used In India Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater
  • Power Source :Solar Powered
  • Colour:Multicolour
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High Standards! High Standards! Racold Alpha Pro Solar 100 Lpd Domestic Water Heater
  • Power Source :Solar Powered
  • Material:Stainless Steel
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Over-All the best one ever! Over-All the best one ever! MANDHATA INVENTIONS 200LPD Solar Water Heater
  • Power Source :Solar Powered
  • Warrenty:15 YEARS
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On the off chance that you end up having a family of 2 to 4 individuals, these solar water heaters will hold sufficient water for everyone. These items have a long life due to their excellent development. So now, let us know a bit more about these water heaters in this article.

Details On the 3 Best Solar Water Heater In India

Before going forward, you should also know about some other alternatives like 25-liter Geyser in India, which are not just eco-friendly but also are popular in case you have a tight budget!

Following are the details on the 3 best solar water heaters in India:

1.Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater

Supreme Solar is one of the most incredible solar water heaters in India. It is great for a family of four. Stainless steel is strong, and it assists with keeping the water warm for a longer duration.

Moreover, it has 200 LPD and has multi-crystalline solar cells which make it very useful. It is invulnerable to erosion and can last many years.

Best Solar Water Heater In India by Supreme Solar

It is intended to save somewhere around 900 power units each year and is very simple to install. You can even travel with it, no sweat.

The sun might neglect to show itself in the winter days. The electric reinforcement of either 2 KW or 3 KW comes supportive under such conditions. It utilizes Advanced innovation to guarantee that you get high hot water for a variety of purposes.

The water heater from Supreme aids in speedy heating as long as the sun is there. On account of the all-around insulated tank, this water remains hot for the day.

An eco-accommodating water heating gadget for your home, which has phenomenal characteristics.

2.Racold Alpha Pro Solar 100 Lpd Domestic Water Heater

Racold is one more leading brand of solar water heaters in India. From Smart Float to profoundly proficient Vacuum Tubes, it utilizes some incredible advancements to give you the best experience of all time.

Furthermore, the inner tank accompanies erosion opposition and is comprised of top-notch inox (stainless steel) which gives high solidness and is an incredible enemy of chloride execution.

Best Solar Water Heater In India from racold alpha pro

This solar heater ensures an ideal degree of energy preservation and makes it a profoundly effective solar water heater. It is engineered by keeping international principles in mind. Moreover, it guarantees long life with its UV-safe and non-destructive body. The extraordinary Smart Float highlight helps in eliminating the utilization of air vents.

One more incredible thing about this item is its wide scope of sizes.

It is accessible in 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 LPD limits. In any case, there is no 500 LPD variation of this water heater accessible. Racold additionally gives an extraordinary guarantee on this water heater. There is a 5-year guarantee on the tank. The float is covered under a guaranteed time of 2 years, though, there is an extended period of guarantee on the stand.

Moreover, It is additionally simple to install and utilize.


Solar water heater from Mandhata Inventions makes a breathtaking showing of heating water as quickly as could be expected. You will undoubtedly get this heated water for the day, which is an absolute necessity, particularly in the winters.

Best Solar Water Heater In India by mandhata inventions

It will remain all-around maintained even in the most extreme of climate. You can remain guaranteed about its quality. Indian houses need a water heater that is sturdy and doesn’t cover much space.

What’s more, we might want a low-maintenance item. Mandhata Inventions has attempted to submit to these requirements by making a solar water heater that is ideally suited for both large and small families.

It is relevant for any family and has an MNRE standard approved design which makes it reasonable for use in different climates and different types of requirements.

Solar Water Heater In India: Buying Guide

Best Solar Water Heater In India: Buying Guide

Know the Type: FPC versus ETC

FPCs are metallic while ETCs use glass tubes. The significant distinction lies in the effectiveness of both these heaters. You ought to try not to buy ETCs for places that get hailstorms as the structure has glass tubes. ETCs are additionally incredible for winters since they prevent loss of hotness.

With regards to cost, FPC is less expensive than ETC. I would be recommending you to go for ETC solar water heater since it has extraordinary performance. ETC frameworks are likewise in an ideal situation with regards to standing the hardness of the water.

Both of ETCs and FPCs end up having a comparative life expectancy of 20 to 25 years.

Warranty is Guarantee

The Guarantees period is an absolute necessity with regards to investing in something like a solar water heater. Similarly, know whether the brand can give after-deals administration in your area.

Moreover, the best solar water heaters are ensured for 10 to 15 years. If you need to have the best insight, be chivalrous with regards to the guarantee presented by the organization. You can even enquire about different arrangements also.

Brand of the Solar Water Heater In india

Always grab as much knowledge as possible about the brand even while purchasing a solar water heater. Although you will find numerous inexpensive solar heating models from lesser-known brands, we suggest picking the one that you already know.

Go for a guaranteed brand that is trusted among the clients for its quality and after-deal administrations.

Therefore, some of the trusted brands of solar water heaters in India are:

  • Supreme Solar
  • Racold
  • Mandhata Inventions 


The size of the solar water heating framework is another significant factor that you should know about while buying one for your home. By and large, an individual uses somewhere in the range of 30 liters of water. Consequently, a 100 LPD solar water heater will be great for a Family of 3.

When buying a solar water heater, consistently attempt to go for bigger models. Their effectiveness and execution offset the expensive cost.

The greater part of the best solar water heaters in India which we have assessed in this article have limits ranging somewhere in the range of 100 and 500 LPD, which are generally appropriate for homes and little business installations.

Most Asked Questions About Solar Water Heater in India 2023

Best Solar Water Heater In India: Frequently asked Questions

Which solar water heater is best in India?

Out of all,Supreme Solar is one of the most incredible solar water heaters in India. It has everything a solar water heater needs plus, the price is pocket-friendly!

Does solar water heater work in night?

Solar water heaters can’t produce warm water during the night. What you can do is to keep the capacity tank full to utilize water around nighttime. Yet, we will recommend you go for an electric heater if you have an ordinary necessity for high temp water around the evening or nighttime. Afterward, you can take a decent shower under heated water even around evening time.

Is solar water heater good for health?

We might want to say that it isn’t reasonable to drink solar-warmed water. Therefore, specialists have been suspicious with regards to drinking the water as they might have minerals from the pipes. The unfavorable impacts of sunbeams can occur because of UV radiation that is liable for DNA harm, Cancer, and ozone annihilation

In any case, it is alright to use the high temp water for other family needs. One can utilize it as shower water or for washing garments. Moreover, having a solar water heater at your home gives a cleaner and better climate. Therefore, don’t think much with regards to it.

How long do solar hot water systems last?

They ordinarily have a long life expectancy. Different factors include the nature of water, maintenance, etc. Solar water heaters likewise accompany a decent guarantee period for durable performance. Also, the best solar water heaters in India, which we have checked on in this article are very strong and can without much of a stretch keep going for over 15 years.

What are the disadvantages of solar water heater?

Solar water heaters have a pretty big surface, so they aren’t tiny. Direct daylight needs to fall on the structure for it to work in the best credible manner. Also, It will take up a portion of the rooftop space. Also, Solar water heaters aren’t suggested for places that don’t get a lot of daylight.

Final Facts About Solar Water Heater In India

final facts about the Best Solar Water Heater In India

The best thing about solar water heaters is that they require no power. It will not just assist you with saving cash but at the same time is an extraordinary approach towards a superior future. They cut down on your month-to-month expenses and supply you with well-warmed water. It’s an ideal opportunity to go the eco-accommodating way by purchasing the best convenient solar water heater now, saving fuel and this planet!

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