Chasing Ball Hindi Dubbed Download - 2023
Chasing Ball Hindi Dubbed Download – 2023
NameChasing Ball
DirectorSu Hao Qi
Original Release DateJune 2019
Total Episodes36
GenreFellowship, Sport, Romance,
Chasing Ball Hindi Dubbed Info


An expert at table tennis, Yan Xiao Xi. She once effortlessly defeated a very skilled player in front of a broad audience. She challenged Qi Jing Hao, who was watching, and she soundly destroyed him once more. He said, “Fake ball,” but she only gave him a knowing grin.

Xiao Xi had an objective. She intended to enroll at Tengyuan University to learn more about Prof Lin and to get the truth about what truly happened to her adoptive father 20 years ago.

For Xiao Xi, there was a narrative. While she was a young kid, Yan Zhiyun, her adoptive father, discovered her sobbing in front of a store. He took her to the police, who conducted some research and determined that Xiao Xi would either be sent to a children’s adoption agency or that Yan Zhiyun may adopt her outright.

Young Xiao Xi, who had a delicate, angelic appearance, went to see Yan Zhiyun. She called him “Daddy” while holding his hand.

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