extraordinary you in hindi


Kim Hye Yoon portrays Eun Dan-oh, who is attractive, the only child of a wealthy man, engaged to a popular boy who doesn’t like her back. She is a sassy, vivacious high school student who is absolutely adorable despite having a serious heart condition. Eun Dan-oh learns that she is merely a background character in a genuine comic book. Rowoon appears as an anonymous extra in the comic before adopting the name Ha Ru. He is amiable and reserved, but his past is shrouded in mystery. Eun Dan Oh frequently experiences memory loss when moving to the next scene because she has no control over what she does or says in “scenes.”

Although she is powerless to do anything, she learns that an anonymous classmate with roll number 13 has the power to alter her destiny. Characters in a comic becoming self-aware is a fantastic example of how much I enjoy stories that deal with meta issues. However, I was genuinely unsure of the kind or tone this narrative would take. It has a lot of humor and is vibrant and enjoyable. A conventional romantic comedy is how the comic book industry is portrayed.

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