5 Korean Dramas Releasing In March 2023 That Are A Must Watch

Get ready to add some fantastic Korean dramas to your watchlist in March 2023! From comedy to historical, revenge to sci-fi thrillers, these five upcoming dramas have got everything for everyone.

1. The Glory Part 2

“The Glory Part 2” is a Netflix original series that follows Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-Kyo) as she seeks bitter revenge against the bullies who tormented her in high school. In part one, her old bully Yeon-jin (Kim Ji-yeon), and her husband Do-yeong (Jung Sung-il) come to an agreement. It will be exciting to see Song Hye-kyo playing games and tricks to make them do what they do in this upcoming part. “The Glory Part 1” was one of the most-watched Korean dramas on Netflix in December 2022, so you don’t want to miss this continuation.

2. Delivery Man

First up is “Delivery Man”, a comedy fantasy drama about a taxi driver named Seo Young-min. His passengers are not normal passengers but ghosts. Seo Young-min’s job is to deliver the final wants of the departed souls through his ghost-only taxi service. However, one day he encounters a woman who has lost her memory. Will they find out what her final wish was? This drama promises to make you laugh and touch your soul at the same time.

3. Joseon Lawyer

Next on the list is “Joseon Lawyer”, a historical drama set in the Joseon era. The story follows a lawyer named Kang Han Su, who seeks revenge for the death of his parents. Along the way, he makes good friends with a princess and a judge. While he only wants to work for himself, he ends up serving as the people’s spokesperson and helping them.

4. Duty After School

“Duty After School” is a sci-fi thriller adapted from a webtoon. The story revolves around an alien invasion that causes many deaths in the country. The Korean government announces that high school students will not be taking the entrance exam for university this year and will serve in military forces to battle the unusual alien creatures. This upcoming drama is just like “All of Us Are Dead”, which was also one of the most popular shows on Netflix recently, making it a must-watch.

5. Oasis

Last but not least, “Oasis” is a drama set in the 1980s and 1990s about love, friendship, and dreams. It showcases the lives of three people, two boys and a girl who develop close relationships with one another. Yet, the group encounters challenges that will eternally shake up their life. This drama promises to be an emotional journey that viewers won’t forget easily.

In conclusion, March 2023 is looking to be a promising month for Korean drama fans. These five dramas, “Delivery Man”, “Joseon Lawyer”, “The Glory Part 2”, “Duty After School”, and “Oasis”, offer unique and intriguing storylines that are sure to captivate audiences. Be sure to add them to your watchlist and don’t miss out on the latest Korean drama sensations!

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