Narco-Saints Season 2: Will the hit K-Drama return on Netflix in 2023?

Narco-Saints Season 2: Will the Hit K-Drama Return on Netflix in 2023? In 2022, Netflix’s latest K-drama series, Narco-Saints, took the world by storm, earning rave reviews from viewers worldwide. Based on true events, the gripping story follows the life of an ordinary entrepreneur who risks everything to join a covert government mission to take … Read more

NewJeans joins BTS and BLACKPINK in their area as Cookie touches the 100 million stream count milestone

South Korean girl group NewJeans has made history by achieving 100 million streams on Spotify with their hit song ‘Cookie’, which is a part of their debut album. The band, formed under ADOR, has been dubbed as “monster rookies” due to their incredible achievements in a short span of time. The song has an R&B … Read more

Sasaeng fans show up to BTS’ Jungkook’s gym, the artist addresses annoyance towards it in the recent live broadcast

BTS’ Jungkook is undoubtedly one of the most popular artists in the world today. He has a massive fan following, and his music is adored by millions of people worldwide. However, with fame and popularity come the inevitable downsides, and in Jungkook’s case, it’s the sasaeng fans. In a recent live broadcast, Jungkook addressed the … Read more

Anushka Sen talks Korean connect, plans to collaborate with Lee Min Ho, BTS, BLACKPINK

Anushka Sen, a talented Indian television actress, has taken the entertainment industry by storm with her remarkable performances in shows such as ‘Baal Veer’ and ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’. The young artist has amassed an enormous fan base due to her captivating on-screen presence and acting prowess. However, in February 2022, she revealed that she was … Read more