Love is in the Air Hindi Dubbed

Hello drama lovers, as you have read the title, in this post, we are going through Love is in the Air in hindi dubbed. It’s a popular show revolving around two love birds.

Love is in the Air(Sen Çal Kapımı) in Hindi Dubbed

This Turkish show has 161 episodes in total. That’s why all the episodes are challenging to find online. Most probably you are also struggling to see all the episodes of Love is in the Air (Sen Cal Kapimi). But now, you don’t have to worry much as we have compiled all the episodes in this one post.

We have struggled a lot with finding all episodes of this show, but, through the dedication of our team, we have seen all. We are also uploading them regularly so you are updated on the show. It took heavy hard work and time but finally, it paid off. But as always, we are committed to serving you with all your favorite dramas which are free of cost!

And as the tradition of our site, we will quickly plug in the Korean Drama in Hindi list for those who are new to our site. This helps in spreading love to all those drama lovers who crave it. And with that let’s jump into Love is in the Air in Hindi Dubbed.

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List of Love is in the Air Episodes in Hindi Dubbed

Episode NumberLinks
Ep 1Watch/Download
Ep 2Watch/Download
Ep 3Watch/Download
Ep 4Watch/Download
Ep 5Watch/Download
Ep 6Watch/Download
Ep 7Watch/Download
Ep 8Watch/Download
Ep 9Watch/Download
Ep 10Watch/Download
Ep 11Watch/Download
Ep 12Watch/Download
Ep 13Watch/Download
Ep 14Watch/Download
Ep 15Watch/Download
Ep 16Watch/Download
Ep 17Watch/Download
Ep 18Watch/Download
Ep 19Watch/Download
Ep 20Watch/Download
Ep 21Watch/Download
Ep 22Watch/Download
Ep 23Watch/Download
Ep 24Watch/Download
Ep 25Watch/Download
Ep 26Watch/Download
Ep 27Watch/Download
Ep 28Watch/Download
Ep 29Watch/Download
Ep 30Watch/Download
Ep 31Watch/Download
Ep 32Watch/Download
Ep 33Watch/Download
Ep 34Watch/Download
Ep 35Watch/Download
Ep 36Watch/Download
Ep 37Watch/Download
Ep 38Watch/Download
Ep 39Watch/Download
Ep 40Watch/Download
Ep 41Watch/Download
Ep 42Watch/Download
Ep 43Watch/Download
Ep 44Watch/Download
Ep 45Watch/Download
Ep 46Watch/Download
Ep 47Watch/Download
Ep 48Watch/Download
Ep 49Watch/Download
Ep 50Watch/Download
Ep 51Watch/Download
Ep 52Watch/Download
Ep 53Watch/Download
Ep 54Watch/Download
Ep 55Watch/Download
Ep 56Watch/Download
Ep 57Watch/Download
Ep 58Watch/Download
Ep 59Watch/Download
Ep 60Watch/Download
Ep 61Watch/Download
Ep 62Watch/Download
Ep 63Watch/Download
Ep 64Watch/Download
Ep 65Watch/Download
Ep 66Watch/Download
Ep 67Watch/Download
Ep 68Watch/Download
Ep 69Watch/Download
Ep 70Watch/Download
Ep 71Watch/Download
Ep 72Watch/Download
Ep 73Watch/Download
Ep 74Watch/Download
Ep 75Watch/Download
Ep 76Watch/Download
Ep 77Watch/Download
Ep 78Watch/Download
Ep 79Watch/Download
Ep 80Watch/Download
Ep 81Watch/Download
Ep 82Watch/Download
Ep 83Watch/Download
Ep 84Watch/Download
Ep 85Watch/Download
Ep 86Watch/Download
Ep 87Watch/Download
Ep 88Watch/Download
Ep 89Watch/Download
Ep 90Watch/Download
Ep 91Watch/Download
Ep 92Watch/Download
Ep 93Watch/Download
Ep 94Watch/Download
Ep 95Watch/Download
Ep 96Watch/Download
Ep 97Watch/Download
Ep 98Watch/Download
Ep 99Watch/Download
Ep 100Watch/Download
Ep 101Watch/Download
Ep 102Watch/Download
Ep 103Watch/Download
Ep 104Watch/Download
Ep 105Watch/Download
Ep 106Watch/Download
Ep 107Watch/Download
Ep 108Watch/Download
Ep 109Watch/Download
Ep 110Watch/Download
Ep 111Watch/Download
Ep 112Watch/Download
Ep 113Watch/Download
Ep 114Watch/Download
Ep 115Watch/Download
Ep 116Watch/Download
Ep 117Watch/Download
Ep 118Watch/Download
Ep 119Watch/Download
Ep 120Watch/Download
Ep 121Watch/Download
Ep 122Watch/Download
Ep 123Watch/Download
Ep 124Watch/Download
Ep 125Watch/Download
Ep 126Watch/Download
Ep 127Watch/Download
Ep 128Watch/Download
Ep 129Watch/Download
Ep 130Watch/Download
Ep 131Watch/Download
Ep 132Watch/Download
Ep 133Watch/Download
Ep 134Watch/Download
Ep 135Watch/Download
Ep 136Watch/Download
Ep 137Watch/Download
Ep 138Watch/Download
Ep 139Watch/Download
Ep 140Watch/Download
Ep 141Watch/Download
Ep 142Watch/Download
Ep 143Watch/Download
Ep 144Watch/Download
Ep 145Watch/Download
Ep 146Watch/Download
Ep 147Watch/Download
Ep 148Watch/Download
Ep 149Watch/Download
Ep 150Watch/Download
Ep 151Watch/Download
Ep 152Watch/Download
Ep 153Watch/Download
Ep 154Watch/Download
Ep 155Watch/Download
Ep 156Watch/Download
Ep 157Watch/Download
Ep 158Watch/Download
Ep 159Watch/Download
Ep 160Watch/Download
Ep 161Watch/Download

The Above Uploaded episodes are the latest and the previously released ones will be uploaded regularly until the series becomes complete.

You can have them through the above links.

Background of the Show and Conclusion at the End

Eda Yildiz, an aspirational young woman who was orphaned at an early age, resides with her aunt and her three closest friends. Eda, who is intelligent and courteous, has always wanted to study architecture in Italy.

Even in her senior year of high school, she receives a full scholarship. But before she can soar on her dreams, she receives word that her scholarship has been canceled, clipping her wings. From this point forward, Eda’s only enemy in the entire universe is her.

Serkan Bolat is the business tycoon and shark in charge of running her aspirations. If Eda ever encounters Serkan, she makes a promise to exact revenge on him.

She is given a chance by fate when Eda shows up at the same campus where Serkan is scheduled to give a keynote address. How will Eda act? Will Eda have the guts to face him? Serkan revoked her scholarship for what reason? Where will this relationship driven by hatred go?

So, that was it! Now relax and enjoy the drama! We hope that you liked our efforts and will continue to support us by revisiting us. Thank you for your visit!

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