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An action-drama-thriller that was recently released and was slated for drama lovers’ release on February 4, 2023, has a link to its full online release, Love is Sweet Hindi Dubbed. It is based on two love birds that occurred around China, and Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu, two well-known Chinese actresses, play the key parts.

With the premiere of this film, leaks of Love is Sweet in Hindi Dubbed in 1080p, 720p, and 480P have appeared on Telegram and other torrent sites. In this, I’ll discuss why you shouldn’t download it off the internet.

It is understandable why many Chinese drama fans favor the former, and I can see why. The male and female leads appear to be more compatible at first glance after all. But is the drama’s high rating justified? It appears to be so well-liked that there are many requests from fans for a Season 2. So please allow me to share my thoughts in the Love Is Sweet Hindi Dubbed that follows. You can check out My horrible boss from here.

DramaChinese Origin
LanguageHindi Dubbed
Total Episodes36
Details of Love is Sweet

About Love is Sweet Drama Series

Love is Sweet is about Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai having been friends since they were little. He is two years her senior. They shared a neighborhood and attended the same school.

Since Jiang Jun has a tear allergy, crying makes her dizzy. As a result, Yuan Shuai promised Jiang Jun’s father he would take care of her in exchange for money each month. Jiang Jun, however, considers him to be a major bully because of his filthy techniques and taunts.

They eventually split up after Jiang Jun transferred to a new school and Yuan Shuai left to pursue his studies abroad.

They re-connect ten years later when Jiang Jun submits an application to work as an analyst at MH. Yuan Shuai makes an effort to prevent her from acquiring a job.

When that doesn’t work, he makes life difficult for her in an effort to get her to give up. Jiang Jun despises him and starts to recognize signs of his bullying once more. However, Yuan Shuai believes that it is for her own good because the demanding environment of investment banking is inappropriate for a woman who is unable to cry.

Jiang Jun starts to see a different side of Yuan Shuai, who has been secretly in love with her since their school days when they are compelled to work together. It is more or less like a true beauty.

All Episodes of Love is Sweet in Hindi Dubbed 720p – Episodes 21-24 Added

As it might be against copyright regulations to do so, there is no need to provide a link for the love is sweet in hindi download, but it is strongly advised to view it legally on MX player. love is sweet is available in hindi dub from ep 1 to ep 21, 25, and all episodes. Now we are waiting for some Love is sweet Season 2 Trailer and hoping for its release as fast as possible. 

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