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Meeting You (Season 1) Hindi Dubbed
Meeting You (Season 1) Hindi Dubbed
GenreChinese Drama
AUDIOHindi Dubbed
Official NameMeeting You (Season 1)
Total Episodes28
Release Date10 October 2020


Meeting You Hindi Dubbed: A Romance Drama That Falls Short

Meeting You is a Chinese romance drama that follows the story of Zhi Nian and Qing Chun, who met in high school and became good friends until an incident caused a rift in their relationship. Zhi Nian has some superpowers acquired after an accident when he was a kid, which Qing Chun witnessed. However, Zhi Nian used his powers to erase her memories of the incident. Four years later, Zhi Nian is a successful investor with his own capital firm, while Qing Chun is a popular fashion talk show anchor and live streamer. They meet again during an event, but Qing Chun still holds resentment towards Zhi Nian. However, when Qing Chun’s father collapses and his company faces a crisis, Zhi Nian offers to help on the condition that Qing Chun moves in with him and becomes his assistant for 100 days. She reluctantly agrees, and they try to turn the company around together.

While the premise of Meeting You may seem intriguing with the male lead having superpowers, the way he acquired them is quite bizarre, and the plot development in that area is lacking. The superpower angle could have been taken out, and the story would have seemed more realistic and easier to get into. The way the male lead touches his nose to exercise his superpower seems rather silly and takes away from the overall experience.

The story also lacks enticing characters and a strong romantic connection between the main couple. If you define being harsh to someone as a loving gesture, then this drama may start off on a good footing. However, there are not enough sparks, flirting, and romantic vibes between Zhi Nian and Qing Chun to make their relationship seem believable and engaging. The couple’s chemistry falls short, which makes the drama dull at times.

Despite the lack of execution and annoyances late in the story, Meeting You Hindi dubbed could still be enjoyable if you are willing to overlook the silly superpower element and not expect much from a typical Chinese romance drama. However, it falls short of delivering a compelling storyline and engaging characters.

In conclusion, Meeting You Hindi dubbed gets a score of 6/10. While it may not be up everyone’s alley, some may still find it enjoyable if they are looking for a lighthearted romance drama that doesn’t require too much thought. But, if you are looking for a captivating and well-written story, you may want to look elsewhere.

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