Narco-Saints Season 2: Will the hit K-Drama return on Netflix in 2023?

Narco-Saints Season 2: Will the Hit K-Drama Return on Netflix in 2023?

In 2022, Netflix’s latest K-drama series, Narco-Saints, took the world by storm, earning rave reviews from viewers worldwide. Based on true events, the gripping story follows the life of an ordinary entrepreneur who risks everything to join a covert government mission to take down a Korean drug lord operating in Suriname. Despite a few controversies, Narco-Saints was an instant hit, reaching the top spot on the streamer’s Global Chart and becoming one of the most-watched series to date.

With such success, it’s no surprise that fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Narco-Saints Season 2. However, given Netflix’s usual practice of evaluating viewership statistics and projected expenses before renewing a program, there has been no official announcement yet. Still, with the previous season taking almost a year to develop, it’s possible that the next season could be released in early 2023.

The first season of Narco-Saints concluded with a fitting ending, with the protagonist, Kang In-gu (portrayed by Ha Jung-woo), returning home after aiding the NIS and DEA in capturing the Korean drug lord Yo-hwan (played by Hwang Jung-min). While Kang resumed his job as a mechanic in his shop, the leader of the National Intelligence Service’s Branch of America, Choi Chang-ho (played by Park Hae-soo), offered him two karaoke bars as a reward for his efforts. However, Kang declined the offer.

If Narco-Saints Season 2 is produced, fans could potentially see Kang teaming up with the NIS once more to solve additional cases. But regardless of what the future holds for the show, the first season has undoubtedly left its mark on audiences. The series’ captivating storyline, based on true events, has held viewers on the edge of their seats and showcased the incredible talents of the cast and crew.

As news of Narco-Saints Season 2 develops, fans are sure to remain glued to their screens, eagerly waiting to see what lies in store for Kang and his colleagues. With the show’s similarities to Netflix’s beloved Narcos series, there’s no doubt that Narco-Saints will continue to captivate audiences and make an impact in the world of K-dramas. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more about the future of this thrilling series. NewJeans joins BTS and BLACKPINK in their area as Cookie touches the 100 million stream count milestone

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