Once We Get Married Hindi Dubbed

Once We Got Married hindi dubbed is a standard contract marriage drama. It immediately reminded me of the love stories found in many Mills and Boons romance books. Some people praised it, while others criticized it.

I enjoyed watching the first episode because I liked the main characters. One is a cold, narcissistic, and arrogant CEO, while the other is simply a clever designer.

Background of Once We Get Married

Si Chen runs Why Mall, an online fashion retailing platform. He wishes to collaborate with a well-known designer named Alex. Marry Me, Alex’s very exclusive wedding dress design label, is one of his fashion lines. Si Chen tries to find Marry Me wedding dresses in order to pique Alex’s interest.

Simultaneously, he enlisted Xi Xi online to source one because she has a fashion buyer account with Why Mall. Si Chen and Xi Xi became entangled because they were both looking for the same dress. A series of events then lead to them entering into a contract marriage arrangement in order to gain Alex’s trust and the selling rights to Marry Me. This leads to resentment and miscommunication. In an effort to ruin her relationship with Si Chen, Xi Xi’s love rival also targets her.

I have no regrets about watching it. I discovered new drama stars and actresses and will definitely watch some of their dramas. Even if you’ve never seen a modern Chinese drama, Once We Get Married is definitely worth a look.

It is a drama that depends solely on the chemistry between its leads. The goal is for the audience to enjoy themselves and all the sweetness and fluff. For viewers who can sense the energy between the protagonists and merely want a straightforward love narrative that feels more like a fairy tale than a realistic account of a relationship, the drama definitely excelled in this regard.


DRAMA: Chinese
LANGUAGE: Hindi Dubbed

Once We Get Married in Hindi Dubbed

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