Pak OIC Meeting: Forget Afghanistan, Kashmir Is Imran Khan’s Real Focus

Instead of concentrating on keeping his own home altogether, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan again attempted to push the infamous Kashmir plan during the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meet, where he approached neighboring states to make a “brought together arrangement” for the area.

Pak OIC Meeting: Forget Afghanistan, Kashmir Is Imran Khan’s Real Focus
Once again the Pak PM Has done it

Talking at the seventeenth Extraordinary Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers here, Khan said individuals of Palestine and Kashmir need to see a tied-together comeback from the Muslim world with regards to their vote based and common freedoms.

Pakistan PM said OIC should assume its part to assist the world with understanding the lessons of Islam and “our adoration and fondness for the last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad”, as per The News International.

Rise in Inflation, Poverty & Terror in Pakistan

This comes when Imran Khan is scarcely figuring out how to manage his own country. On one hand, Inflation and Price/currency rise of items have provoked the majority of the country.

On other hand, the ineffective dealings of the decision by the PTI government with terror groups like Tehrik-I-Taliban Pakistan and Tehreek-E-Labbaik Pakistan have raised worries about a potential spike in fanaticism in the country.

Sunday’s OIC-drove meeting was the greatest worldwide get-together on Afghanistan since the Taliban assumed control over the country in mid-August after the US military withdraw from the nation celebrating twenty years of the raging war in the country.

This gathering came when Pakistan is mustering 57-part OIC to assist Afghanistan with fighting off an emergency while simultaneously attempting to persuade the Taliban to drive Afghanistan to relax its picture worldwide.

Under the clothing of helpful plan, specialists speculate that Pakistan is attempting to push the halted Afghanistan government towards worldwide acknowledgment in spite of little advancement on the rights of human freedom by the outfit.

In a gathering, that was coordinated to examine the continuous humane emergency in Afghanistan, Imran Khan utilized the huge stage for his own political finishes.

Referencing the presence of the Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan, the Pakistan PM said the best way to deal with the terror outfit was a steady Afghanistan. He said ISIS was fit for doing worldwide attacks.

How Afghanistan Reacts to remarks by Pak PM

Ignoring Pakistan PM’s comments on terrorism in his country, previous Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday said that the landlocked nation has been encountering ISIS’s threat from Pakistan, as indicated by TOLOnews.

Responding to Khan’s comments, the previous Afghan president said these claims are false. ISIS from the start has been compromising Afghanistan from Pakistan, not the reverse way around, Karzai added.

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