Physical: 100 Final Episode Review: Anti-climatic Conclusion to Woo Jin Young’s Victory

Physical: 100 Final Episode Review: Woo Jin Young’s win comes as an anti-climatic conclusion
Physical: 100 Final Episode Review: Woo Jin Young’s win comes as an anti-climatic conclusion

Physical: 100, the Korean reality survival show by Netflix, has been a sensation since its premiere on 24th January. The show, which aims to find the “best physical” or the “best physique,” brought together individuals from different fields, including sports, martial arts, YouTubers, influencers, dancers, and regular business people, to compete in a no-gender, race, age, or background battle. One of the show’s highlights was the presence of their own torso in a pop structure, egging them on while also providing support.

Physical: 100 Winner In the final episode, there was a twist as contestant Yun Sungbin, who had the support of the viewers, fought but failed to continue the match. Soon after, the five remaining participants engaged in a neck-to-neck tug of war, a tile flipping game, and a relay, and only two finalists remained – Won Jin Young and Jung Hae Min. The two contestants played a game of “infinite rope pulling,” and cross-fitter and snowboard cross-player, Won Jin Young, emerged as the winner after smashing his opponent’s sculpted torso, apologizing for it.

With BTS’ Jungkook even live streaming his reaction to the show’s initial episodes, Physical: 100 had a guaranteed success. However, while Won Jin Young’s victory was celebrated, it came across as anti-climatic for viewers. Despite the innovative games, rounds of determination, and the mix of popular and rising faces, the show lost its spark by the end of its run. Nonetheless, the program showcased impressive physiques and provided struggling athletes with valuable screen time.

As the show promises to continue its hunt for the “ultimate physical,” we wait in anticipation for its next season, which will hopefully bring new mind-boggling rounds to the competition.

The Physical: 100 finale episode has left viewers divided, with Won Jin Young’s win being described as an anti-climactic conclusion. Despite taking home the 300 million KRW prize money, Won Jin Young’s victory lacked the awe-striking moment that viewers were expecting, especially after the emotional build-up to his win. Moreover, the runner-up, Jung Hae Min, did not get to break his own torso after losing, which left viewers feeling disappointed and showed the winner in a negative light.

While the show started off as a fantastic new survival program, it struggled to maintain its momentum towards the end. Despite featuring innovative games and a diverse range of participants, including athletes, YouTubers, and regular business people, the finale left much to be desired. However, the show has provided a platform for physiques and struggling sports to gain recognition and promotion. The friendships and interactions built during the show are likely to continue, and fans are already anticipating the show’s return and wondering what mind-boggling rounds it will present next.

In summary, Physical: 100 was a groundbreaking reality show that brought together a diverse group of contestants to compete in a fight to find the best physical. While the finale may not have lived up to expectations, the show has opened doors for many physiques and struggling sports to find screen time and promote themselves. As the show promises to continue its hunt for the ultimate physical, fans eagerly await its return.