The One and Only Korean Drama in Hindi Dubbed

Welcome back, drama lovers! long time no read huh? Today in this post, we will list the whole season of The one and only Korean drama in hindi dubbed. It’s a loving Melodrama and many couples love to watch it together. And we hope that you also have a partner to enjoy this drama with!

The One and Only Korean Drama in Hindi Dubbed

As always we have compiled all the episodes of this show in this single post to help you end the hunt for finding scattered episodes of this drama series. This is the big help we can offer to you.

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Now let’s dive in:-

Episodes of The One and Only Korean Drama in Hindi

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This drama series, The one and only, has only 1 season and a total of 16 episodes. You can Have the episodes as per your demands.

Background of The one and only story and Conclusion at the End

A depressing melodrama about people and interpersonal relationships, The One and Only. Three ladies with terminal illnesses—Pyo In Sook, Sung Mi Do, and Kang Se Yeon—meet at a hospice. They decide that before they pass away, they want to kill one evil guy, and in the process of doing so, Pyo In Sook (Kim Kyung Nam) meets Min Woo Chun, “the one and only” most important person in her life.

In the most improbable of circumstances, new friendships and intimate activity are forged, supporting and empowering the heroes just when they need it most. The Drama concentrates on the pleasant and uplifting process of discovering reasons to live even while one is approaching the end of their life. The cheery and vivacious atmosphere that permeates the hospice is captured in “The One and Only” through each character’s unique backstory.

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