True Beauty Hindi Dubbed

True Beauty is based on a hugely popular webtoon of the same name. This drama attracted a lot of viewers even before it was aired. In this romantic comedy series, True Beauty hindi dubbed, Lim Jugyeong, a high school student, is ridiculed at school for her appearance. However, she switches schools and learns the craft of makeup via YouTube when her family is forced to relocate.

The drama’s cast, which features Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang In Yeop as the main characters, is just as impressive as its captivating plot. The difference with True Beauty is that it sometimes even adds its own spin to these tropes, giving them a distinctive feel. True Beauty’s plot is also reasonably simple and well-constructed, so there is no chance of getting lost in what is happening. Also, check out Guardians (aka Lookout).

Story of True Beauty Hindi Dubbed

The plot takes a lot of unexpected turns, which gives you the willies and even causes your heart to race.

The discussion between Team Suho and Team Seojun is still going on since the love triangle was so passionate that it split the audience’s perspectives right up until the very end. In her new school, Ju Kyung quickly gains popularity as the new girl. The two most popular males, Lee Suho (played by Eun Woo) and Han Seo Jun (played by In Yeop), who were paradoxically once closest friends but are now sworn enemies, become involved with her as she begins to make friends. True beauty hindi dubbed episode 1 will make you watch all other episodes for sure!

Ju Kyung had to deal with the most crucial relationship of all as their interactions with one another evolved. This relationship was her relationship with herself. The great cast of fresh, upcoming, and rising performers in the light-hearted and comedic Korean drama True Beauty ensures that we will be seeing them on our televisions rather frequently.

In contrast to many other romcoms, it stands out for its well-done humorous parts. In this post, you will find true beauty all episodes in hindi dubbed.

True Beauty ep 1 to ep 16 hindi dubbed

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