EAM S.Jaishanker Mentions Shree Krishna and Lord Hanuman as Best Diplomats

He Talked about looking at our own Ancient Epics to learn about Diplomacy

After Learning about diplomacy for his entire life, he mentions Lord Krishna and Hanuman as the greatest Diplomats.

How Lord Hanuman Contacted Sita Maa, Informed about Lanka and Burned it as well

"Hanuman Ji was Multipurpose Diplomat" - Jaishankar

"10 Strategic Concepts for International Relationships in Modern Era can be Found in Mahabharata"

"Multipolar World also Existed in Mahabharata's Kurukshetra"

"Arjuna was Emotionally Interdependent on his Family and Relatives just like we are in this Globalized world but"

"Difference is we are Interdependent in Material Sense"

The way Shree Krishna Handled Shishupala is the Best example for Strategic patience