The rich-poor gap in India: Modi’s “New India” Stands Out as a “poor and very unequal country”

The new World Inequality Report by France states India as a poor and very unequal country, with the Rich 10% Population holding 57% of National Income in 2021, and the Poor 50% Population holding just 13%. Breaking down the conclusions.

The World Inequality Report 2022 delivered by Paris-based World Inequality Lab, a worldwide exploration initiative, stakes India to be among the most unequal nations in the world.

World Inequality Report

While the Poor portion(50%) of the population in India earns Rs 53,610 in a year, the top 10% rich portion earns 20 times more, Rs 11,66,520 in a year.

While the top 10% and top 1% (Rich Sections) hold separately 57% and 22% of complete National Income, the portion of the base half 50% (Poor Sections) has gone down to 13%. India stands apart as a poor and extremely unequal country.

World Inequality Report 2022 Key Findings

  1. As the top 1% and 10% hold 22% and 57% of the complete National Income separately, the base 50% has gone down to 13%.
  2. The report additionally highlighted that the normal National Income of India’s Adult population is Rs. 2,04,200 Annually, while the base 50%(Poor Section) Earns Rs. 53,610 which implies that the top 10%(Rich Section) Earns 20x times (Rs. 1,166,520) In a year.
  3. India’s Middle class is generally poor with a average walth of Rs. 7,23,930 yearly, 29.5% of the total National Income. The normal family wealth in India remains at Rs. 983,010.
  4. The report brought up that the gender inequality in India are high. The female work pay is equivalent to 18% (among the least in the world) which is altogether very less in Asia, excluding China.
  5. The base half universally claims barely anything with only 2% of the worldwide wealth while the top 10% of the worldwide population possesses 76% of the worldwide wealth.

Timeline of income inequality in India

During 1858-1947 when India was under British rule, the income inequality was extremely high with the top 10% (Rich Class) income share around half. A huge decrease was noted at 35-40% post-freedom because of the five-year plans.

To better financial conditions in the country, India went with liberation and deregulation policies which brought about one of the most extreme expansions in pay, and wealth inequality around the country.

Global wealth inequalities are even more prominent than income inequalities

Global Income Inequality 2021

The World Inequality Report 2022 featured that income and Walth imbalances have been on the uprise universally since the 1980s.

The poor portion of the worldwide population barely claims any wealth whatsoever, having quite recently 2% of the sum. Interestingly, the Richest 10% of the worldwide population owns 76% of all wealth. Overall, the poorest portion of the globe population claims $4,100 per Adult Annually, and the top 10% own $771,300 on average.

Covid 19 Impact

World Inequality Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the imbalances between the exceptionally rich and the rest of the people. But, the government intervention in certain nations has prevented an enormous uprise in poverty however this isn’t true with the vulnerable nations.

A worldwide income drop was noted in 2020 with half of the dunk recorded in rich nations while the rest in low-pay and non-industrial countries.

Regardless of whether the nations have become richer in the course of the most recent 40 years, their government has become altogether less fortunate and the pattern has boosted in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in light of the fact that the government borrowed 10-20% of the GDP from the private sectors.

Conclusion: Ways to counter this Inequality among nations

Given the immense volume of wealth fixation on the richest class, imposing an honest moderate Wealth charge aka Tax on millionaires & billionaires can help Government in making incomes. With this, 1.6% of the worldwide Income can be created and reinvested in schooling, health, and environmental progress.

This can eventually control this vicious cycle of rich people getting richer and poor people getting poorer in terms of wealth.

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